Customer service and a quality product are very important. Our goal is to meet our customer needs. When you call Visionaire during business hours, the phone is answered promptly by our sales department.  

  • Expert guidance. The Visionaire team has many years of “hands on” experience. We can provide reliable technical assistance for your cab ventilation needs.
  • We meet your specifications. Visionaire can customize your air conditioner to fit seamlessly into your existing electrical and hydraulic systems. Sound damping, cab pressurization, and electrical heater controls are just a few of the many possible options.
  • Custom/OEM design service. We work with equipment manufacturers to design complete ventilation solutions.  Visionaire, Inc. also builds special air conditioners for unique applications. For uncommon machinery, when nothing else will work, we are able to design and build “one-off” custom units.
  • Parts. Visionaire, Inc. stocks hundreds of parts for all brands of air conditioners (Red Dot, Eagle, Kysor, Hupp, DTAC, to name a few). We typically ship parts the same day for next day delivery. We provide over-the-phone support to your mechanics in the field.
  • Rebuild service. Return your old Visionaire, Inc. air conditioner to the factory to have it refurbished for one reasonable price.
  • Training. For a nominal fee we will come to your facility and train your mechanics in the basics of air conditioner troubleshooting. Our class gives attendees a basic working knowledge of the air conditioners they will see on work equipment and an EPA section 609 certification.