Boom trucks and rough terrain cranes offer some unique cab air quality requirements. Often the cab is very narrow and/or shallow. There may not be room for a traditional A/C or heater and the cabin is usually separated from the engine by a swivel. Engine coolant is seldom available to heat the cab and engine mounted A/C compressors are not practical.

Visionaire Inc. offers self-contained crane air conditioners that mount outside the cab. These air conditioners ship completely assembled and charged with refrigerant to simplify installation. A quiet and reliable hydraulically driven compressor provides abundant cooling.

Other Visionaire models mount inside the cab or elswhere on the machine. Our unique Model 2900 heat source generates a steady flow of hot glycol coolant for optional use with the air conditioner. This allows traditional automotive style heating and defrosting without a cumbersome diesel furnace under the seat.

Visionaire does carry Webasto brand heaters and a variety of defrost fans, ducting supplies, and louvers.